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During his years as a junior high youth pastor, Kevin Johnson noticed something. Although he wanted the kids to read the Bible and figure out a modern application for their lives, there was nothing written for their age group to guide them along this journey. So, he decided to write books.

Kevin has written over 20 books for youth, including Can I Be a Christian Without Being Weird?, Does Anybody Know What Planet My Parents are From?, What's with the Mutant in the Microscope?, Pray Hard, Bust Loose, Catch the Wave and his recent release, Get Smart. Kevin has degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary and the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (in English and Print Journalism).

Kevin and his wife, Lyn, live in Minnesota with their three children—Nate, Karin, and Elise. Some of Kevin's hobbies include shortwave radio, backyard astronomy, and computers.

Information from Bethany House Publishers and the author's website. Updated 6/2003

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