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"There are too few Christian examples in our world today," says Judy Baer, author of the Cedar River Daydreams Series. I want to offer young readers an alternative to good exciting reading with a Christian point of view. Judy began to write professionally in l983; since then she has had numerous books published and was the recipient of the 1991 first place for juvenile fiction presented by the National Federation of Presswomen.

Judy Baer feels that the Cedar River Daydreams series is in many ways a dream come true for a writer. "Its a messy world we live in. Sometimes it is difficult to tie problems into neat packages and solve them by page two hundred. The Daydreams series will allow both author and reader to follow characters through their joys and disappointments, through their growth and maturation, through the teenage years. Any problem or situation that teenagers face may someday be a topic of a Daydreams novel.

Judy is also the author of the Live from Brentwood High series featuring Izzy, Shane, Darby, Molly, Jake, and Sarah--6 students who work on the school's broadcast news program, as well as Paige, and Pamela, both part of the Springsong series, and her latest series, Best Friends Forever, about Jenny, Libby, and Tia.

Remembering vividly her own feelings and emotions as a teenager helps her develop stories that ring true to teens. Judy says,"If the characters in Daydreams can in some way act as role models or encourage readers to hold fast to the Christian faith, then I will have reached my goal. I want to create readable, enjoyable, uplifting and just plain fun books that will keep readers coming back for more."

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