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Rustproof Records newest recording artist Downpour has been receiving much attention from famous vocal trainer Mark Goff. Goff is responsible for training the well-known voices of Britney Spears, Creed, N'SYNC, Backstreet Boys and the newest up and coming group O'Town on ABC's TV Movie "Making the Band". Steve Busch (vocals and keys) and Brannon Hancock (vocals and guitar) were first introduced to Goff through New Missions, an organization responsible for educating, feeding and developing the spiritual lives of over 5,000 Haitian children through child sponsorship. Steve and Brannon of Downpour were recent guests on a New Missions trip to Haiti, where they were able to lead the program workers into praise and worship while seeing the culture and gaining an understanding for the children in this country. They will begin working with New Missions in an effort to join together in teaching young people across the U.S. to reach the children of Haiti both through child sponsorship and future mission trips. As guests on this trip, Goff was taken aback by the talent of this group and offered his time and teaching skills to Downpour.

When Stephen Busch and Brannon Hancock first discussed the possibility of combining their musical gifts, they had no idea that the collaboration would be the beginning of Downpour. The two met while in college in Nashville, Tennessee and quickly developed a mutual respect for each other's abilities. Although they had both been involved in many other musical endeavors, Brannon and Steve believed that together they could achieve something that neither of them could accomplish on their own. They talked and dreamed about what they wanted to do for the Lord with their music and their ministry and realized that their goals were very similar. These two young but experienced musicians had traveled quite a few roads, and they knew where they wanted to go. They just did not know how to get there. At this point, they found God's timing to be perfect once again. Into their lives came Michael Quinlan - a man who, through his work with pop artists like Rebecca St. James and Raze, had the expertise they needed. He agreed to help this young band find the direction they were looking for because he identified in them a promising and vital element: passion. The work began almost immediately. After nearly a year of writing and recording, Steve and Brannon emerge as Downpour with their debut album on Rustproof Records.

Through months of work in the recording studio, the band and their producer created a unique style comprised of catchy melodies and vocal harmonies placed over a backdrop of guitars and synthesizers. Although the songs touch on many styles - pop, rock, techno and folk - the theme remains consistent. The album describes the human journey through doubts, struggles and spiritual drought that leads to a peaceful place where one can be honest and real before God. In an effort to find their musical and creative identity, Downpour made an album that is essentially the story of every person's struggle to discover who God created them to be. For this reason, the chosen name for the project is "The Real Me". Brannon Hancock says, "'The Real Me' is about being honest before God. It encompasses the duality that exists as we fall on our faces as sinners before a holy God-because that is who we really are - but also as we allow Him to make us into the people He created us to be - because that is also who we really are. It is only at that point that He is able to fully use us."

In this project, the band demonstrates the wonderful joy that comes when the time of drought is overcome with life...spiritual life. It was this craving for a faith that truly lives that drew Brannon Hancock and Stephen Busch to find the Divine remedy for our dry and thirsty land. Stephen talks about his role in the band: "I feel and know that I am called to be in a worship leading position. At this stage of my life, Downpour provides that platform to sing about Christ. I just hope that through our music and our availability to God, people are challenged and brought closer to Jesus." Downpour is a ministry that exists for the purpose of inspiring and encouraging people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Downpour’s music is the vehicle to carry their message that only the love of God will truly fill the emptiness in people’s lives. As they allow God to lead, they strive to follow ever so closely. Brannon sums it up this way: "We just try to do our part to build Christ's kingdom and make a difference in people's lives. And for whatever reason, God allows us to do that by playing the music we love. It’s quite a blessing."

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