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Over 30 years ago, when Selwyn Hughes was a pastor of a church in central London, he was asked by a member of his congregation how he went about the task of drawing spiritual strength and encouragement on a daily basis from the Word of God. Selwyn explained that every week he set out to explore a scriptural theme from the Bible such as "bloodline in the Bible" or "different Bible character's encounters with the Lord on mountaintops. The church member then asked Selwyn to write on a card a few scriptural references relating to the theme he was pursuing so that the church member could pursue it with him. Selwyn responded to his request, and after a few weeks more people were requesting the cards. Soon, he found himself writing a dozen cards a week.

One night after a church service, a group of people asked him if he would add some comments and thoughts that came to him as he meditated on the theme. And this was how the idea for Every Day with Jesus was born. Today, half-a-million people around the world have benefited from his daily Bible notes. His devotionals are read in 120 countries and are available in 20 languages. Born in South Wales to Christian parents who were impacted by the Welsh revivals, Selwyn was a pastor for 18 years in churches around UK with a compelling call to ministry among Londonís victims and seekers of the "swinging sixties".

He trained in theology and counseling in both the UK and USA, and in 1965, founded Crusade for World Revival (CWR) which became the vehicle for presenting the Every Day With Jesus Bible notes. Today, Selwyn still leads an active international ministry in teaching and counseling, apart from writing, on a wide range of aspects in the Christian life which includes marriage, relationships and personal development.

All information gathered from the Crusade for World Revival website and Every Day Light. Posted April 2000

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