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Dennis Swanberg

(Posted 9/99)

Dennis "The Swan" Swanberg is a Christian comedian with a lot to say, and the people who know Dennis have a lot to say about him, mainly, that he’s one funny guy.

"There are some people who try to be funny and don’t know how," says Focus on the Family’s Dr. James Dobson. "I think Dennis Swanberg does it about as well as any comedian that I’ve seen in Hollywood." Dr. Jim Henry, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, shares this sentiment. "If laughter is medicine for the soul," he says, "then anyone hearing Dennis who is sick will get well, and if they are well, they can only get better."

Dr. Henry’s compliment touches on the essence of Dennis’s humor. His jokes, impersonations, hilarious stories . . . they all have a purpose. They’re all designed to lift you up in a world that constantly tries to extinguish your joy. As you watch Dennis’s TV program and videos, read his books, or listen to his recordings, you can’t help but be energized by his enthusiasm for life. In a Focus on the Family radio broadcast, Mike Trout described Dennis as "a man that seemingly enjoys life and really gets the most out of it. [He] has a long list of degrees, but he sounds like someone who you’d just want to chat with over the back fence." His reputation is one of breaking down people’s self-made barriers, promoting faith and family values, and instilling hope. It is for these reasons that The Swan, a former pastor, is known from coast to coast as "America’s Minister of Encouragement."

Dennis uses various forms of media for his ministry. Swan’s Place is his weekly television show that caters to fans of southern gospel music and anybody who loves to laugh and grow spiritually. His performance videos include Laughter from the Rafters (featuring superb impersonations of Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan, and others) and Is Your Love Tank Full? (a wacky but insightful spin on Gary Chapman’s book on marriage, The Five Love Languages), which also comes in book form. And among his riotous recordings is Everlasting Laughter, in which Dennis reminisces about life in a small Southern town.

The Swan currently nests in West Monroe, Louisiana, where he had previously been pastor of the First Baptist Church. He lives there with his wife, Lauree, and their two sons, Chad and Dusty. On his Web site,, Dennis extends this invitation: "If you’re ever driving Interstate 20, please stop by for a visit." As fun as this guy is to spend time with, how can you refuse?

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