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Gilbert Morris is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated Christian writers of our time. He has published 25 scholarly articles, more than 200 poems, and over eighty novels. His fans are transfixed by his ability to weave vibrant fictional characters through the events of American history. His largest series of novels, the House of Winslow, charts the growth and development of the Winslow family alongside the unfolding of early American history. The series begins with the first two Winslows coming to America on the Mayflower and in the most recent Winslow installment, titled The Beloved Enemy, Joshua Winslow has just been released from prison when he meets up with Kefira, a young Jewish woman who encourages him to pursue his dream of becoming an archaeologist. Morris’s meticulous research allows the rugged, dirty, and exciting streets of early twentieth century New York to thrive once again, and his deep understanding of the human spirit gives breath to characters that are believable in both their weaknesses and strengths. It is no wonder that Morris’s fans devour his writing faster than he can produce it.

As one of today’s most prolific writers, Gilbert Morris explains how he remains so extraordinarily productive: “I don’t let the blank screen intimidate me,” he says. “I never wait for inspiration, I just keep on writing. If I have two chapters to write this morning, I’ll write two chapters. And three chapters this afternoon!…It’s just a lot of hard work and determination, and putting in the hours actually writing. There’s no secret to that.”

And his success is no secret! His House of Winslow series, consisting of 30 books, has sold over one and a half million copies. On numerous occasions, Morris has been a finalist for a Gold Medallion. He has received five Angel awards, three for the Winslow series and two for the Appomattox Saga. In 1978, he won Cloverleaf’s National Award for Poetry. But Morris is not near to being done. At a time in life where most people are well into retirement, he has no intention of slowing down. He says defiantly, “I will never retire!”--he loves his work too much. Even after a recent triple-bypass surgery, Morris was back at the keyboard almost immediately, producing more of his trademark historical fiction.

He is the author of several series including Spirit of Appalachia, Cheney Duvall, M.D. (written with his daughter Lynn), Bonnets and Bugles, the Dani Ross mysteries, Chronicles of the Golden Frontier. He has also written several series for children, such as the Adventures of the Kerrigan Kids, Daystar Voyages, Too Smart Jones, Seven Sleepers, Seven Sleepers: The Lost Chronicles, and the Dixie Morris Animal Adventures. Morris's stand alone titles are The Spider Catcher, The Pilgrim Song, Jordan's Star, Edge of Honor, and Journey to Freedom.

Morris has an unusually strong academic background in English. On the undergraduate level, he studied English at Arkansas State. He then remained at Arkansas State to earn his Masters before moving on to the University of Arkansas to earn his PhD, also in English. Prior to becoming a world-renowned author, Morris pastored a Baptist church, and taught English as a professor at both Ouchita Baptist University and Jimmy Swaggert Bible College. Now “Gil” has devoted himself full-time to writing. He, his wife Johnnie, live in Orange Beach, Alabama. They have three grown children, Stacy, Alan (also an author), and Lynn.

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