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Christian humorist, an author, a popular radio personality, and a professional speaker Liz Curtis Higgs is an Encourager® who uses any means at her disposal to cheer the downhearted. A member of the National Speakers Association, in 1993 she earned the title Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), and in 1995 she was awarded their highest honor, the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE). She is also a member of the fun-loving organizations Fellowship of Merry Christians and the American Association for Therapeutic Humor.

But hers is not the sometimes obnoxious humor of TV sitcoms or nightclub comics. Hers is a self-effacing wit. As she explains, "We laugh at ourselves, not at the other guy. Godly humor means not putting someone else down>" (Christian Parenting Today Web site) Much of her levity is aimed at encouraging women of the ’90s—overworked and stressed-out women who often set unrealistic expectations for themselves—and reminding them of their worth in God’s eyes.

A look at some of her titles provides a taste of the laughter medicine she doses out: Bad Girls of the Bible; One Size Fits All and Other Fables; Forty Reasons Why Life Is More Fun After the Big 4-0.

She also writes for children. At the 1998 Christian Booksellers Association Convention, the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association awarded her Parable series with the ECPA Gold Medallion for Excellence. Her children’s books teach kids the good news about God’s transforming love and forgiveness. Liz has written two novels, Mixed Signals; Bookends; her novella "Fine Print" appeared in Three Weddings and a Giggle. She has also followed up with a sequel to Bad Girls, entitled, Really Bad Girls of the Bible, as well as Mad Mary, Rise and Shine.

Although Liz has written previous novels, Thorn in My Heart is her first leap into the historical fiction pool. She describes the journey of this book as having three parts—God telling her in 1995 that she would eventually write fiction and taking classes. The second part came through Bad Girls of the Bible, Liz explains that while researching the “bad girls” she also looked at the good ones. “I decided that if I was ever going to write a book about them, I would call it Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible! These are women whose lives weren't exactly perfect. Some of these "heroines" of the Bible, as we see them, had some serious struggles. Rebekah, Rachel, and Leah were the three standouts in that group. Their stories really intrigued me, but in particular Leah's story. So all through the writing of the three Bad Girls books I thought I would love to do something with Leah someday.” Liz has always loved Scotland, which was a natural choice for the setting. When she put all the ideas together, Liz got excited because Jacob as well as Scotland is known for sheep, so it would not be a huge stretch to tell Leah’s story in 18th century Scotland. There will be 2 more books to accompany Thorn in My Heart, a sequel--Fair is the Rose, which will focus on Rachel’s story, and a prequel, None but the Brave, which will focus on Rebekah and Issac’s story. In addition to her writing, Higgs is very active as a professional speaker. She also finds time to work as a columnist for Today’s Christian Woman magazine, where her bi-monthly feature is entitled "Life with Liz." Liz also produces her own semi-annual newsletter, The Laughing Heart.

Liz Higgs is a native of eastern Pennsylvania, and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Bellarmine College in Louisville, Kentucky. Her husband, Bill Higgs, Ph.D., is director of operations for her speaking and writing enterprises. They have two children, Matthew and Lillian. The family lives in Kentucky on a farm, appropriately named Laughing Heart Farm.

Part of this information is from an interview with Updated May 2003.

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