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(Posted 9/99)

"Nearly two decades ago, GLADís elegant vocals helped set them apart from other pioneers of contemporary Christian music. That vocal sound has since evolved into a complex, self-sustaining life form of its own. . . ." ---Contemporary Christian Music magazine

In the 1970s and í80s, those "elegant vocals" were accompanied by superior instrumentation, positioning GLAD as a progressive Christian rock band that melded jazz, classical, and pop genres with sophistication. It wasnít until the release of the highly successful A Cappella Project (1988) that GLAD began to build their reputation as one of Americaís premier vocal groups. Though all accomplished musicians, the quartet now lets their pipes do most of the praising.

GLAD was formed at West Chester State University (near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) in the early í70s. Ed Nalle, GLADís founder, is the only remaining member of the groupís original lineup, which included Bob Kauflin, T. Coble, John Bolles, Brad Curry, Fred Kramer, and Don Nalle. Ed graduated from West Chester with a degree in music education and eventually rounded up the musicians who make up GLADís current roster: Chris Davis (guitarist; studied music at Messiah College), John Gates (drummer; performed with Gladys Knight and the Pips), Jim Bullard (bassist; former staff musician at Grace World Outreach of St. Louis), and Paul Langford (keyboardist; studied music at Oklahoma Baptist University).

Since their self-titled debut in 1978, GLAD has released more than 20 albums and received impressive honors and awards, including a Billboard Criticsí Choice Award for The A Cappella Project, the "sequel" of which, The A Cappella Project II, was a #1-selling album. Their latest record, A Cappella Worship II, promises to be another big hit, and a blessing for worship leaders and fans everywhere.

As strong as their passion is for music ministry, GLAD is equally committed to the cause of Compassion International, a Christian humanitarian organization that offers aid to Third World children. In fact, GLADís concerts have become the leading fundraiser for Compassion. "The magnitude of peopleís needs can overwhelm you," says Chris Davis, "unless you remember Compassionís motto---saving the world is done one child at a time." This motto is much like GLADís ultimate mission as a music group: to spread the message of Godís saving grace to a needy world . . . one song at a time.

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