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Cindy Morgan Posted 9/99

On the surface, Cindy Morganís life seems to be the stuff dreams are made of. Her phenomenally successful debut year in 1993 culminated with a Dove Award for New Artist of the Year, plus five other Dove nominations, including Female Vocalist of the Year. She was the first debut artist asked to join the star-laden Young Messiah Tour, and she also toured with Steven Curtis Chapmanís Great Adventure tour and with Petra. The dream continued in her private life with her 1996 marriage to acclaimed Christian author Sigmund Brouwer. But itís not a dreamóCindy Morgan lives a very real life and is remarkably down-to-earth person. In fact, her debut album was entitled "Real Life."

Harrigate in eastern Tennessee was home to Cindy and her five siblings during their childhood. Quiet and sensitive, the budding poet-child was prone to melancholy and introspection, and found solace at the familyís old upright piano where she set to music the poems she wrote in private. Her first song, The Sun Is Hot, was written when she was nine years old. Her musical talent was inherited from talented parentsóher mother was a gospel singer and her father, a mechanic by trade, wrote songs and played guitar in his free time. Music was a constant in the Morgan home, and her parents exposed Cindy to various musical genres from gospel to classical. The family often entertained musician friends and held jam sessions of Christian country music. But this was not the music of glitzy Nashville; this was the heartfelt music of simple people and simple times.

Itís not surprising, then, that her songs are noted for meditative lyrics that speak to the hearts and feelings of people. Her aim is to motivate believers to seek and serve God. "I also feel a great need to express reality to others and that happiness is only found in God and through our own pursuit of Him." (Word Records Web site) Growing up in a rural area also nurtured within her a deep love of nature, which figures into many of her songs. She describes nature as a "tangible example of God." (Word Records Web site)

What keeps her on track and grounded in reality amid the fast pace of the recording industry? Her faith from childhood, nurtured by the familyís church commitment, is her strong foundation. Maintaining balance is a priority for Cindy. "I love to get up in the morning and sit on the porch and read. Thatís what life is aboutónot being on stage." She describes it as a daily struggle, but she is grateful for the lessons it has taught her. (CMO Web site)

But being real doesnít mean you donít have your personal dreams. When she was a kid, she yearned to be a professional roller-skater. One of her early jobs was as a roller-skating carhop at a retro Ď50s diner. When she was a teenager, she dreamed of spending her life at the piano and sharing with the world her marvelous God-given gift of musci. Now she does. And for years as a young adult, she longed for a relationship with Mr. Right. Then she met Sigmund Brouwer. Who says dreams donít come true?

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