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An Unusual Conversion

When she was twenty-one, Becky admitted that she had a problem-–she was an alcoholic. Her life began to change when she had an encounter with a janitor who shared the Gospel with her, giving her a first taste of the life-changing potential of God’s love. In her book Let Faith Change Your Life, she recounts her first few moments as a Christian saying, “First of all, I wanted to share the sheer excitement I had about being loved by God, and then what it felt like to be given a second chance to live, with everyone who had seen me struggling.”

A Motivational Force
Becky Tirabassi kept her promise to share the power of God with those who had seen her struggling. But she didn’t stop there. During the ten years following her conversion, Tirabassi developed a heart for hurting teens going through some of the same struggles that she had experienced. Through coaching, developing youth programs, producing videos, and community involvement, she established a national organization, appropriately named, “Change Your Life.” Since then, Tirabassi has been motivating and encouraging hundreds of thousands of people in the US and Canada. Using her own testimony as evidence, she shows audiences, ranging in size from 400 to 40,000, how God can change their lives. Her dynamic seminars, books, and videos acquaint people with challenging principles that will change them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!

Writing Down Her Message
For more than ten years, Becky Tirabassi has expanded her ministry by authoring numerous best-selling inspirational and motivational books. Her list of titles includes Change Your Life, Let Prayer Change Your Life, Let Faith Change Your Life, and How To Live With Them Since You Can't Live Without Them. In her book, Let Faith Change Your Life, Tirabassi challenges stagnant Christians to consider the nature of “faith” without preconceived ideas. She then walks her readers through a redefining process where they discover that true faith is relevant, relational, radical, and revolutionary! In the preface to the book, Tirabassi stresses the importance of faith, saying, “I have personally found and experienced only one solution that changed my life, and I am equally convinced that it will change your life! It is faith!”
In Let Prayer Change Your Life, she discusses the life-changing impact of prayer, by discussing its effect on her own life. She says, “After 8 years as a Christian I was burnt out and dry and not in love with God. My love for God came back when I spent one hr a day in prayer. I became connected, excited and enthusiastic about God.” The energy, wisdom, and encouragement that she packs into her books lead reader after reader to change their lives.

In her recent book, Keep the Change, Becky encourages people to make change way of life in order to experience permanent transformation. She shared four breakthrough strategies that, when diligently applied, result in positive and lasting change.

Managing a Family Besides
Becky Tirabassi lives in Newport Beach, California with her family. She writes of them, “It's been under the encouragement of my husband that I'm doing this ministry. I think that what I have provided is a role model of a woman who has impacted the world and who has loved a family.”

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