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It started in 1987, with an imaginative eleven-year-old boy named Nicholas and his animated sidekick. It was a cute story with a valuable lesson about the danger of telling lies. It grew into the enormously successful McGee and Me! series of videos and books, which Bill Myers co-created with Ken C. Johnson. Just by reading the lessons taught in these storiesóthe value of humility, obedience, loving kindness, and moreóitís evident the authors are committed to fostering a love of reading in children by providing books that have more than just entertainment value. They teach values from a Christian perspective!

Not bad for someone who didnít enjoy reading or writing as a youngster! Fortunately Myers got turned on to both, and now works to get kids excited about reading, writing, and Godís truth. His books make use of appealing characters, humor, and suspense to draw kids into the story and the message it presents. And together with fellow authors Sigmund Brouwer, Martyn Godfrey, and Robert Elmer, he encourages kids to develop their creative writing skills through the Writing Studio and Classroom on the Web site.

Bill also is the author of the Bloodhounds, Inc. series and The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle series. His latest kids' series is Secret Agent Dingledorf, featuring the country's youngest secret agent (at a mere age of 10), and his sidekick, Splat (a dog). In his recent book, The Bloodstone Chronicles, Bill takes Denise, Nathan, and Joshua, on a journey in an allegory reminiscent of the classics.

But Christian principles are not the only lessons of his books. His other writings depict how Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Whether itís with an alluringly beautiful red stone with mysterious powers, a seemingly innocent Ouija board, or New Age teachings, Myers has a knack for showing how easily we can become tricked into trusting the disguised powers of darkness. The Forbidden Door series, and the Journeys to Fayrah series feature credible central characters caught in the midst of supernatural struggles and peril. Though classified as young adult reading, these books also appeal to a more mature audience. Adults have also enjoyed his scientific and supernatural thrillers, the Blood of Heaven Trilogy, which as Bill says, " a trilogy, but it's not a trilogy. Each book is designed to stand on its own, but there are characters that reoccur in all three. I would hate for any reader to think that they had to read the first two to get to the third one." Bill's other books in this category are Eli, in which a newscaster is thrown into a parallel universe where Christ doesn't exist yet; and The Face of God, where a pastor questioning his faith and a terrorist who plans to kill millions of people are seeking the same hear the audible voice of God. Together with co-author David Wimbish, Myers explores the hidden dangers of peopleís fascination with the paranormal in their book, The Dark Side of the Supernatural.

He has written books for teens and adults, including Hot Topics, Tough Questions, which became a 15-part video series (with Bill as host, naturally!) that is widely used by church and youth groups.

And if that werenít enough, he also writes and directs films! His latest celluloid creation is entitled The Choice Is Yours. Featuring interviews with David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam serial killer, it explores the effect of our choices on the outcome of our lives. And when he isnít writing or directing, Bill is an actor for the Focus on the Familyís Adventures in Odyssey radio series.

This prolific and creative writer/film director lives in California with his wife and their children.

Updated June 2003.

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