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Billy Graham is a living personification of Mark 16:15: “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” Over his lifetime, Mr. Graham has preached the Gospel to more people than anyone else in history. His voice has been heard by more than 215 million people in live audiences and hundreds of millions more on television, video, film, and webcasts.

In 1937, Graham was ordained in the Southern Baptist Convention. He had attended Florida Bible Institue (now Trinity College) in Florida and Wheaton College in Illinois. It was while at Wheaton that Billy Graham met Ruth McCue Bell, who would become his wife and life partner.

Beginning in 1947, Billy Graham launched crusades that put himself in the public eye. Simultaneously, he founded the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). Mr. Graham has written over twenty-seven book, most of which have become top sellers. His memoir, Just As I Am achieved a “triple crown” when it landed itself on the three bestseller lists in one week. Other books by Billy Graham include The Journey: How to Live by Faith in an Uncertain World, Steps to Peace with God, The Key to Personal Peace, Thirsty for the Water of Life, God's Love for You, and books from The Journey series, such as Embracing the Good News, Confronting the Enemies Within, Living as a Christian, Dealing with Doubt, and much more.

The extent of Billy Graham’s influence may never be adequately measured. However, a glimpse is shown by the number of honors he has received. Ever since Harry Truman was in office, Presidents have sought after Mr. Graham for counseling and advice. Nancy Gibbs, and Michael Duffy have co-authored an account of the very influences and relationships Graham had on and with the presidents, titled The Preacher and the Presidents: Billy Graham in the White House. David Gergen, a former White House advisor and professor at Harvard University said this about Graham: "For half a century, American presidents have turned to the nations most popular evangelical preacher at key moments in their lives. Eisenhower's decision to run for the White House, Johnson's decision to leave it. Nixon's reentry into national politics. George W. Bush's decision to mend his ways--all these and more bear the imprint of Graham, their friend and counselor."

Billy Graham has five children, nineteen grandchildren, and even more great grandchildren. He and his wife, Ruth live in western North Carolina.

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