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Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend are at the forefront of today’s Christian counseling movement. Both of these licensed psychologists have graduated with doctorates in clinical psychology from Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology at Biola University. Together, they co-host the nationally broadcast Minirth-Meier New Life Clinic radio program; founded Cloud-Townsend Communications, Inc.; serve as co-directors of the Minirth-Meier New Life Clinics West; and have authored numerous best-selling books. Dr. Townsend, a Th.M. graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, specializes in individual and group adult psychotherapy and the spiritual needs of character functioning. Dr. Cloud possesses extensive experience in organizational consulting, and specializes in individual adult psychotherapy and models of spiritual and psychological development.

Perhaps the best-known of their works is the Gold Medallion Book Award-winner Boundaries, in which they explain how clearly defined boundaries are essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. In this bestseller, they introduce 10 life-changing principles that teach people to take control of their lives by learning when to say yes and when to say no. Their biblically based insights explain how to establish healthy boundaries with parents, spouses, friends, coworkers, and others. The success of this book prompted two more related works, Boundaries in Marriage and Boundaries with Kids, which apply the same 10 principles in other specific relationships.

In addition to their many other popular titles, such as Safe People, The Mom Factor, Twelve "Christian" Beliefs That Can Drive You Crazy, and Raising Great Kids, Drs. Cloud and Townsend have also written noteworthy books on their own. All of their efforts—whether in print, over the airwaves, or within the privacy of their clinics—are driven by the same purpose: to offer people healing, understanding, guidance, and a joyful new freedom in daily Christian living.

Last updated July 2008.

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