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Although Francine Rivers was raised in a religious home, she didn’t truly encounter Christ until well into her adult life—after she’d already married, had three children, and established herself as a successful author in the secular romance market. It was then that she and her husband, Rick, began attending a Bible-believing church with their children. "We became born again," she says, "and God changed our lives."

Did Francine’s newfound faith affect her writing career? Yes—and at first, the impact was devastating! Right after she accepted Christ, Francine contracted such a terrible case of writer’s block that she couldn’t write for four years. She spent those years drawing close to God and reading her Bible. Finally her creative gift returned, stronger than ever—but it was tugging her in radically new directions.

Francine’s novels took on deeper, more spiritual themes. Her most personal book, The Atonement Child, was written a few years later. "It dealt with an issue that was so huge for me—abortion...Thirty years ago, I had an abortion," she says, "and for thirty years, I've lived with the shame and anguish of that decision.

"...After becoming a born-again Christian, I knew God had forgiven me. Yet, I couldn't forgive myself. It took me eight years to bring myself to a Bible study for post-abortive women at a local pregnancy counseling center. It was through this course that I was finally able to face the full truth of what I had done, confess my sins and experience the mercy, love and healing Jesus Christ offers. Despite what I had done, God loves me. Jesus died for me. And He arose. It was time I came out of the grave I had dug for myself and accepted His forgiveness...And if enough of us [women who suffer after having an abortion] stand and speak the truth about what abortion has done to us and our families, perhaps the holocaust [of abortion] will end."

Francine's recent books include the popular Lineage of Grace series, which follows five women who end up being ancestors of Christ; and her lastest book, And the Shofar Blew, which features preacher Paul Hudson as he and his congregation struggle to live out their faith and must choose between their will and God's. All of her recent books and many of Francine's previous novels have also been released in audio book format.

Francine’s life has undergone the same redemptive transformation she tries to capture in her novels, and has become a shining testimony to God’s grace. She and her husband, Rick, live in Northern California. They have three grown children, Trevor, Shannon, and Travis. Shannon’s son Brendan—is Francine’s first grandchild and the joy of her heart.

"What can I say about Brendan?" Francine writes. "He arrived six weeks premature, but right on time...He is perfect and beautiful, a miracle. His name means ‘dweller by the light.’ When I held him the first time, he was only six pounds four ounces and not quite twenty inches long. I marveled at how small he was. His head fit in the palm of my cupped hands...I kept thinking that God holds us like that and loves us even more than I love my precious little grandson. That struck to the heart of me."

Quotes are excerpted from an online interview by Tyndale House Publishers at Updated June 2003.

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