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Mark Lowry never tried to be funny. He started out his career as a singer who toured around the country to various Baptist churches. To mask to eternally awkward pauses in between songs, Mark started telling the audience about his life. He talked, they laughed, and his career in comedy began.

Mark originally attended Liberty College in Lynchburg, VA to gain a Business degree, but felt God was calling him towards music. He led a solo career until 1988, when the Gaither Vocal Band offered him a baritone part in their harmonic group. Mark’s antics on stage quickly became the highlight of the Vocal Band’s concerts.

Mark has recorded six comedy and music videos—four of which achieved “Gold” and two of which earned “Platinum” status on Billboard music video charts. He has released many albums, including Remotely Controlled, But Seriously, Mary, Did You Know?, Twenty Stories Tall, and Just Singing...No Kidding.

He has also delved into the world of writing, authoring: Mary, Did You Know?; Piper's Night Before Christmas (book and CD), written with Martha Bolton; Nighttime is Just Daytime with Your Eyes Closed (book and CD); Piper Steals the Show (book and CD), written with Martha Bolton; and his latest book, Live Long and Die Laughing.

Mark currently tours with LordSong and Stan Whitmire on the Be The Miracle tour.

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