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Michael Card's musical journey began when he wrote a song as a favor to his pastor while earning a master's degree in biblical studies at Western Kentucky University. In the years that followed, he has written some of Christian music's most cherished songs, including the classics "El Shaddai," "Joy in the Journey," and "Emmanuel." He has released 18 recordings since 1981, one of which - Sleep Sound in Jesus - was certified gold in 1994. He has earned five Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, including Songwriter of the Year, Song of the Year for "El Shaddai," Children's Music Album of the Year for Come to the Cradle, and Praise and Worship Album of the Year for The Final Word and Coram Deo. He has also received acclaim for the books he has authored, including a nomination for the C.S. Lewis Children's Book Award for Sleep Sound in Jesus.

Few contemporary Christian music artists have put as much of the Bible to music as Michael Card. As a scholar and teacher as well as an accomplished musician, he has a remarkable ability to weave together story and song, bringing to life Bible characters and text. His latest work, Unveiled Hope, based on the book of Revelation, brings the insightful lyrics, acoustic skills, and variety of styles his audience has come to expect to the prophecy of the apocalypse. Card explains, "'Apocalypse' actually means an 'unveiling' or a 'revealing.' Revelation is not a book about hiddenness, like most people think. It's a revealing, an unveiling of Jesus. I think a child can read it and understand it."

Michael Card has often felt like an outsider in the Christian music industry and has expressed his concerns over the course Christian music has taken. His impression is that an industry that once was message-driven is now celebrity-driven. The songs are almost irrelevant. Focus is placed on the person, and the songs have become disposable. In a CCM editorial, Michael states, "The follower of Jesus must always choose faithfulness over fame. Given the choice, we must wash feet, not do encores. The true purpose of Christian music, which many have still not forgotten, is to spread the fame of Jesus Christ, to proclaim Him by celebrating Him. This is in fact the only unique, defining characteristic feature of Christian music. It points to Christ."

In recent years Michael has cut back on his concert schedule, focusing more on his Bible teaching and spending more time with Susan, his wife of 16 years, and their four children-Katie, Will, Nate, and Maggie-at their home in rural Tennessee. He and Susan have recently written a heartfelt book about their experience educating their children at home, The Homeschool Journey


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