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George Barna has been in executive positions in nearly all areas of business: politics, marketing, advertising, media, research, and ministry. But in 1984, he founded the Barna Research Group (now The Barna Group) which leads the US in marketing research on the intersection of faith and culture.

George has written thirty-nine books, including Revolution, Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions, The Frog in the Kettle, The Power of Vision and his most recent book Revolutionary Parenting. The media considers him an authoritative source and has referred to him as “the most quoted person in the Christian Church today” and may be one of the nations most influential Christian leaders.

George has taught at both Pepperdine University and Biola University and many seminaries. He has also been a pastor and helped plant multiple churches. Barna is a graduate of Boston College, and has earned two master’s degrees from Rutgers University.

He and his wife, Nancy, live in southern California, where they are raising their three daughters, Samantha, Corban, and Christine.

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