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In 1987, when Dean and Karen Andreola began a mission term in Bromley, England, they researched the field of elementary education in preparation for teaching their three children at home. They became acquainted with the educational philosophy and teaching methods of turn-of-the-century British educator Charlotte Mason, and were immediately impressed with Miss Mason’s practical, yet exciting approach. Dean recalls, " . . . I can still remember sitting in the dimly lit back room of the library of Charlotte Mason College, in the English Lake District. Reading through these rare old volumes (that had been out of print for nearly 80 years) was like stepping into a time machine. Karen had sent me to find some of the books for use in her home school. I came home not only with the books (on loan from the archives), but with a resolve to share my find with other homeschooling families." Upon their return to the United States in 1989, the Andreolas realized their dream of sharing Charlotte Mason’s methods with the homeschooling community. They began the Charlotte Mason Research & Supply Company and republished Charlotte’s classic 6-volume Original Homeschooling Series. They also published a popular quarterly magazine, The Parents’ Review: For Hometraining & Culture.

As Dean and Karen expanded their efforts to promote Charlotte’s innovative ideas, they moved to the forefront of the homeschooling movement and became much sought-after columnists and speakers. Karen’s feature articles have appeared in Mary Pride’s Practical Homeschooling, and she is the best-selling author of Beautiful Girlhood and Simply Grammar. Dean has worked in Christian publishing for the last 20 years, and is a noted homeschool lecturer.

Karen’s most recent book, A Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning, reflects the Andreolas’ enthusiasm for Miss Mason’s educational philosophy. Written with warmth and humor and embellished with Victorian illustrations specially chosen by Karen from her personal collection, this beautiful book offers a wealth of insight, practical advice, and narratives illustrating how Charlotte’s ideas can actually work in real life. Karen also shares her own joys and struggles as a homeschool mom.

The Andreolas currently live in Rockland, Maine, with their children, Sophia, Yolanda, and Nigel. Their expertise as homeschoolers has made them much in demand for speaking engagements at homeschool conferences, and CBD is proud to welcome them as regular contributors to our "Homeschool Resources Catalog."

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