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Kent Hughes has been a pastor for 35 years: 10 years as a youth pastor, 5 years church planting, and the past 20 years as senior pastor of College Church in Wheaton, Illinois, with a congregation of 2,000. He’s a graduate of Whittier College, Talbot School of Theology, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Pastor Hughes is the author of 14 volumes in the Preaching the Word series of studies on the New Testament. He also is editor of the companion Old Testament series and will write several of those volumes as well. In the historic tradition of working pastors who have proved themselves to be the best of Bible expositors—Martin Luther, Matthew Henry, Martyn Lloyd-Jones—Hughes writes with clarity, imagination, and understanding in each volume of the Preaching the Word series. Each biblical book was carefully exegeted, interpreted in a hermeneutically sound manner, personally lived, and preached with passion and conviction to the College Church congregation before it was written down to be read and shared. Mark: Jesus, Servant and Savior, Volumes 1 and 2 received the E.C.P.A. Gold Medallion Book Award for best commentary in 1990. Though the books are marketed as commentaries, they are excellent for devotional reading as well.

Each of the volumes in the New Testament series has a unique dustjacket—a photo of a banner designed and made by local artists and congregation members especially for that particular book. During the preaching of each sermon series, the corresponding banner is displayed at College Church.

Hughes' books include: Liberating Ministry from Success Syndrome, Disciplines of a Godly Man, 1001 Great Stories and Quotes, Sought by Grace, Set Apart, and The Gift of Christmas.

Before coming to College Church, Hughes pastored a small church five minutes from Charles Swindoll’s First Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton, California. Nearby were Crystal Cathedral and Calvary Chapel spin-offs. Today he is the pastor of a "mega-church" himself. "I wrestled with the whole matter of success, trying to define it from the Bible . . . loving God with all my heart; faithfulness (by that I mean hard-working and creative); a foot washing heart like Jesus’ in John 13; a holy heart; a prayerful heart; and a heart with a positive attitude." (Leadership Magazine) He believes that all pastors need to live by those principles, whether their churches have 35 members or 3,500 members.

It seems that Kent Hughes writes all of his books from an applied perspective. He and his wife, Barbara, are the parents of four grown children and grandparents to fifteen grandchildren, andthey are the co-authors of a book on parenting, Common Sense Parenting.

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