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Now considered a major writer, teacher, and Bible scholar, Arthur W. Pink served the Lord in relative obscurity for more than 30 years. Born in 1886 in Nottingham, England, Arthur became a committed Christian when he was in his early twenties. It is significant that he accepted Christ when he was alone in his bedroom. He was characteristically solitary, and remained a loner and outsider for much of his life.

After his conversion, Arthur decided he should attend either Bible school or seminary, but disagreed with the doctrinal slant of many Christian institutions. However, when he was 22, he changed his mind and enrolled in the Moody Bible Institute. He left the school six weeks later, asserting that the teaching was too "immature." In spite of his lack of a degree, he quickly obtained a pastorate in Colorado. In 1916 he married lifelong friend Vera Russell, who proved to be his mainstay and loyal companion throughout his ministry.

Arthur was never fully accepted by the congregations whom he served, and he wandered from America to Australia and England seeking a stable pastorate. In his later years, he and Vera were virtually alone, with few friends or supporters. Arthur spent the last 12 years of his life in the Scottish Hebrides, where he published his Studies in the Scriptures newsletter for a few subscribers. He also believed that God had called him to a ministry of letter-writing, and produced a copious amount of correspondence. In lieu of a conventional pastorate, his readers became his congregation, and he freely dispensed spiritual counsel and advice. It was not until after his death in 1952 that the extent of his ministry and depth of his writing was appreciated.

Early in his career, Arthur was known for his premillennial and dispensationalist views (although later he abandoned dispensationalism). His classic work, The Antichrist, is still considered one of the most complete books on the end times. His other publications include The Attributes of God, a study of Godís "perfections as revealed in Holy Scripture"; Comfort for Christians, which focuses on the promises of God; and The Holy Spirit, a systematic exposition that examines every scriptural reference to the Holy Spirit. The Letters of A. W. Pink collects his personal correspondence from the period of 1924Ė1951, and offers a revealing glimpse of Arthur W. Pink, the biblical scholar and the man.

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