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When John Vernon McGee came into the world in 1904 in Hillsboro, Texas, he began his life not with a whimper, but a roar. Dr. McGee noted, "When I was born and the doctor gave me the customary whack, my mother said that I let out a powerful yell that could be heard on all four borders of Texas." It was an auspicious beginning for the child who would grow up to become an influential pastor, preacher, teacher, and author.

After graduating from Southwestern University in Memphis, Tennessee, Dr. McGee went on to earn a B.D. from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia, and a Th.M and Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. Upon completion of his education, he accepted a position in a small country church in Georgia. It was there that an event took place that shaped his entire 40-year ministry. After hearing Dr. McGee preach at a morning service, a young boy waited to speak with him. "He groped for words," Dr. McGee remembered, "then blurted out, ‘I never knew Jesus was so wonderful!’ He started to say more but choked up and hurried out of the church. As I watched him stride across the field, I prayed ‘Oh, God, help me to always preach so that it can be said, ‘I never knew Jesus was so wonderful.’ "

God answered Dr. McGee’s prayer as he led him to pastor Presbyterian churches in Decatur, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee; and Cleburne, Texas. One of the high points of his ministry came when he accepted the pastorate of Lincoln Avenue Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, California. He, his wife, and young family were warmly welcomed, and they shared a deep bond of love and friendship with their new congregation. In 1949, Dr. McGee and his family moved to Los Angeles, where he ministered at the historic Church of the Open Door. There he began a successful daily radio broadcast called "High Noon Bible Class," which eventually grew into Teaching Thru the Bible. Today this popular program continues to be broadcast on over 400 stations in the United States and Canada, and is heard in 50 languages all over the world.

A prolific writer, Dr. McGee authored more than 200 books, including Love, Liberation, and the Law; J. Vernon McGee on Prophecy; and J. Vernon McGee on Comfort: Words of Hope for the Hurting. He is perhaps best known for his 5-volume Thru the Bible series, which is based on his radio program. In a careful chapter-by chapter analysis of Scripture, Dr. McGee focuses on the most significant verses and then discusses their everyday applications, as well as the spiritual, religious, and redemptive truth inherent in them. His simple yet profound insights have made the Bible come alive for millions of readers.

Although he remained active well into his later years, Dr. McGee suffered from various health problems, including a weak heart. On December 1, 1988, he fell peacefully asleep in his chair—and stepped into eternity to be with the Lord.

(Information for this author profile was gathered from the Thru the Bible Web site.)

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