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Jack Hayford knows the awesome power of God firsthand. When he was a baby more than 60 years ago, he was gripped by a life-threatening illness. But as a result of the earnest prayers of friends and family, he was miraculously healed. The doctors had no other explanation except that the grace of God snatched him back from the brink of death. Several years later, Jack was struck down again by sickness—this time it was polio. The church elders anointed him and prayed for his recovery. God heard their petitions and granted a second miracle. These two extraordinary events ignited in Jack’s heart a passion for God and convinced him that the Holy Spirit is alive and active in the contemporary church. "Contrary to our preconceptions, God is not economical with healings and miracles. Such wondrous works are frequently attending the proclamation of truth in Jesus’ name," he asserts in his book A Passion for Fullness.

Now an influential pentecostal pastor, author, musician, and educator, Jack continues to be a dynamic witness for the powerful presence of God in today’s world. He’s the author of more than 20 books and currently serves as senior pastor of The Church on the Way, the First Foursquare Church of Van Nuys, California. Since he began his pastorate in 1969, the church has grown from 18 to more than 6,000 members and includes many celebrities from the entertainment industry. He’s also the composer of more than 400 songs, including "Majesty" and the award-winning "We Lift Our Voices Rejoicing." His popular Living Way radio and television ministry has brought the assurance of God’s presence and love into the lives of millions of people.

Why has his ministry been so fruitful? Because of his sincere willingness to submit to the energizing power of the Spirit. "I propose that a Spirit-filled ministry is one characterized by all that Jesus is, all that Jesus does, and all that Jesus wants<" Jack declares. "Spirit-filled ministry is Christ-filled ministry, when Christ, the Anointed King, is manifest in and through us by the anointing of the Holy Spirit."

His books include: Living the Spirit Formed Life, The Leading Edge, Grounds for Living, Blessing Your Children, Prayer is Invading the Impossible, I'll Hold You in Heaven, Sharpening Your Leading Edge, and Life Giving Leadership.

God continues to bless Jack not only through his ministry, but through his family as well. Jack and his wife, Anna, live in Van Nuys, California, and enjoy the visits of their four married children and eight grandchildren.

Updated June 2003.

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