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As a frail and sickly child, Linda Chaikin was often confined to bed. Since that kept her separated from her siblings (all nine of them!), she sought solace and entertainment in other places—particularly in the realm of stories and imagination. Linda’s books became her treasures and her constant friends and companions. Before long, she began to invent new endings for the stories she didn’t like. Soon she was writing fiction of her own, and by the time she turned 14, she’d already penned her first novel.

Linda married her husband, Steve, in 1971, and took a break from her writing, as she gave her full attention to other important matters. Serving as a volunteer for many years, she was active in youth ministry and completed coursework in preparation for a degree in early childhood education. After some thought and prayer, she then switched the direction of her education to biblical studies, and completed her degree at Multnomah School of the Bible.

One of the most difficult setbacks in Linda’s life was the realization that she and Steve would be unable to have children. Although they were deeply disappointed, God used their time of grief to plant seeds of heightened compassion in their hearts. Linda and Steve grew increasingly more devoted to the needs of hurting, needy children around the world.

Linda began teaching Bible studies to unchurched children in their home. And both she and Steve devoted themselves to Partners International—a mission organization that offers financial and emotional support to children overseas. Through this organization, they provide for a little boy in India—an orphan born into the desperately poor "untouchable" caste in Hindu society.

Silk, the first of Linda’s popular Heart of India trilogy, reflects both her passion for children in need and her enchantment with India’s rich history and culture. Through this and her other fiction series, CBD’s readers reap the benefits of Linda’s faithful life, compassionate heart, and fertile imagination—following heroes and heroines through faith-building adventures set everywhere from the tropical paradise of Jamaica to the windswept desert of war-torn Arabia.

Linda's other books include the Trade Winds series, Jewel of the Pacific series, and her popular Day to Remember series.

Her newest book, Tomorrow's Treasure, the first in her new series, East of the Sun, (written as Linda Lee Chaikin) incorporates faith, danger, and romance in the life of Evy Varley. Her upcoming book, Desert Rose, combines the Wild West, romance and the mercy of God as the Halliday family faces both joy and trial within a short time.

Linda and her husband make their home in California.

Information from Harvest House Publishers, and Water Brook Press. Updated May 2003.

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