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Dr. Larry Crabb is a well-known psychologist, conference speaker, Bible teacher, author, and founder/director of NewWay Ministries. He often reports saying, “if I ever publish my autobiography, I’ll call it Sovereign Stumbling. My life journey to date is a series of how I have stumbled and how God has consistently guided me in His sovereign ways...” After graduating from Ursinus College with a degree in psychology, he went on to graduate school at the University of Illinois. There, he seriously questioned his faith and struggled with whether he wanted to be a psychologist who happened to be a Christian or a Christian who happened to be a psychologist. He ended up choosing the latter option.

Currently, he is a Scholar in Residence at Colorado Christian University and serves as the Spiritual Director for the American Association of Christian Counselors. NewWay Ministries helps to encourage “a revolution in relationships, [and to create] a new way to live that explores the real battle in our souls and frees us to value intimacy with God more tha blessings from God.” Dr. Crabb is also the author of many books including Understanding People, The Marriage Builder, Finding God, Connection, The Safest Place on Earth, The Pressure’s OFF, Shattered Dreams, Soultalk, and his latest book The PAPA Prayer.

Larry and his wife, Rachael, live in Denver, Colorado. They have two sons, two daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren.

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