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Even the word "prolific" just doesn’t seem to adequately describe Eugenia Price. She was more than that—a tireless force who dedicated long hours to her writing, personally answered all of her fan mail, spent long hours in meticulous research, handled her own business affairs, and even negotiated with publishers herself. All 39 of her books—both fiction and nonfiction—were written on her big, manual Underwood typewriter because she felt that her battle with that machine was an integral part of her creative process. The only thing she didn’t handle herself was retyping her manuscript for the publisher. It wasn’t until years later that she reluctantly took advantage of the services of an agent, a business manager, and research assistants, which freed her up to focus more on her actual writing.

In 1961, when Eugenia was already a well-known author of numerous Christian books, she was traveling with her longtime companion, Joyce Blackburn, from her home in Chicago to a booksellers’ convention in Florida. They decided to take a short side trip in Georgia to explore St. Simons Island. While wandering through a historic cemetery there, Eugenia was intrigued by the graves of Anson Dodge, his wives Ellen and Anna, and his child. She decided to research the family and tell their story. The result was Beloved Invader, an engrossing novel that blends biography, history, and masterful storytelling.

While doing research on St. Simons, Eugenia fell in love with the region and decided to make it her home. Somewhat of a recluse, she poured herself into her writing, invigorated by the natural beauty and serene setting of Georgia’s breathtaking Golden Isles. Her popular historical fiction allowed her to explore different periods of America’s dramatic past, and satisfy her curiosity as a self-confessed "political junkie."

She also penned a number of nonfiction books, offering spiritual guidance for Christian women living in today’s complex world, heartfelt inspiration for people dealing with the loss of a loved one, and more. Drawing from the many happy occasions in her life, as well as the tragic events, she helped her readers discover new insight into their own personal problems. Ever the businesswoman, she also published a collection of her magazine articles about St. Simons, a volume of letters from her readers, a diary that she had kept while working on one of her novels, and a semi-autobiographical "thank you" to all the people who helped her throughout her career.

Even when she was plagued by various ailments in her later years, Eugenia didn’t let her discomfort hinder her passion for writing. True to that dedication, she finished her last book, The Waiting Time, at the age of 79, only a few short weeks before her death on May 28, 1996.

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