Jacob's Ladder: On Angels
Jacob's Ladder: On Angels
CBD Price: $19.99

The Bible & Holy Fathers for Orthodox
The Bible & Holy Fathers for Orthodox
CBD Price: $44.99

Orthodox Introductions

Eastern Orth. Christianity, 2nd Ed: A Western Perspective

In this reliable and engaging survey, Daniel Clendenin introduces Protestants to Eastern Orthodox history and theology with the hope that the two groups will come to see their traditions as complementary and learn to approach one another with a "hermeneutic of love" that fosters "mutual respect, toleration, and even support."

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Orthodox Theology

On the Unity of Christ (Popular Patristics)
On the Unity of Christ (Popular Patristics) Cyril of Alexandria $10.99 Save 31%! Add To Cart

In the early 400's Christianity was racked by one of the fiercest theological disputes it had known since the Arian crisis of the previous century, this time focusing on the nature of the personhood of Christ. The text here translated is one of his most important and approachable writings, composed in the aftermath of the Council of Ephesus.

Sergius Bulgakov

The Bride of the Lamb, Softcover
The Bride of the Lamb, Softcover Sergius Bulgakov $42.75 Save 10%! Add To Cart

Bride of the Lamb is widely regarded as Bulgakov's magnum opus and also one of the greatest works ever produced in the modern Orthodox church. Here, he examines ecclesiological & eschatological issues from a sophiological perspective exploring the nature of created beings, the relationship between God and the world, the role of the church, as well as the second coming, the resurrection and afterlife.

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The Popular Patristics

Six Books on the Priesthood (Popular Patristics)
Six Books on the Priesthood (Popular Patristics) St. John Chrysostom $10.99 Save 31%! Add To Cart

None of the Fathers of the early church is better known or loved than St. John Chrysostom, and none of his works are more popular than On the Priesthood. Chrysostom "had a mind both practical and idealistic, that brought into close connection the evils and injustices of the world and the perfection of moral life demanded by the gospel."

Mystical Theology

Maximum the Confessor: Selected Writings (Classics of Western Spirituality)

Maximus Confessor: Selected Writings contains critically selected writings from Maximus the Confessor on love, The Lord's Prayer in addition to his theological and philosophical reflections that would prove critical to the triumph of Orthodoxy during the Monothelite controversy at the 6th Ecumenical Council.

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Hesychasm & Prayer

On the Prayer of Jesus
On the Prayer of Jesus Ignatius Brianchaninov $12.99 Save 31%! Add To Cart

One of the finest spiritual writers in 19th-century Russia, Bishop Ignatius--whose most famous work is The Arena--gives us an ideal companion to The Way of a Pilgrim, explaining how to recite the Jesus Prayer, handle difficulties which arise from the practice, and integrate it into one's life.


Partakers of the Divine Nature: The History and Development of Deification...

Here Orthodox, Protestant, and Catholic scholars explain "deification"---that we are created not simply to be saved from sin, but to be transformed into God's image---revealing a centuries-old biblical concept central to the doctrine of salvation in various traditions.

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#1 - The Orthodox Study Bible
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1st Century to AD 600

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Select Russian Thought

Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment
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  • Through the Liturgical Year

    The Bible & The Holy Fathers for Orthodox
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    Based on the sequence of daily scriptural readings from the Orthodox liturgical calendar, this resource includes comments from the church fathers on each Epistle & Gospel passage, and attunes the reader to the annual, rhythmic cycle of fasts and feasts.