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Mrs. S. loves her work. The process of choosing, making, wrapping, and presenting a gift is quite high on the list of her favorite things to do. It's no wonder she's the perfect fit for marketing gifts at Find news, notes, and opinions on gifts just in, with new and exciting info to peek at each day.

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From special offers to the inside scoop, artist info and future releases, our music editor fills you in on the latest and greatest in Christian music. Frequently updated!

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Dianne is passionate about Christian fiction. Reading over 100 CBA titles a year and interviewing authors each week, she is a trustworthy conduit between authors, publishers, and Christian fiction lovers everywhere. Keep up on the latest fiction news by following Dianne and inform your fiction choices with a few noteworthy tips!

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A homeschool grad, the eldest of 5, siblings, married, and living fully within the homeschool universe, Kat is's homeschool editor creating new web-pages, organizing books online, writing descriptions of new & classic resources, and working to make life easier for homeschooling moms everywhere.

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Formerly known as the "Bargain Detective," Jackson T. sifts the stacks at keeping you up to date on the best budget-buys. When CBD takes even more off the retail price, you can be certain to find a trusted tip-off in this space.

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As's "Academia Nut" I go craaaaaazy on academic topics of all kinds. I rummage through books all day to bring you the latest research, and highlight must-have classics. Check out The Academia Nut for reviews,  interviews, debates, and my personal favorite, "Book Battles" where we let you, the reader, decide who wins the debate!

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As's Christian Living editor I'm interested in finding resources to help you connect with God in meaningful ways. I seek out the best books and authors to help you take your next step with Christ. I'll share insights from my journey as well and look forward to taking this exciting, real and grace-filled walk with you.

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