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  1. Afloat
    Erin Healy
    Thomas Nelson / 2013 / Trade Paperback
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    4 Stars Out Of 5 18 Reviews
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  1. Indiana
    Age: 45-54
    Gender: female
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    June 7, 2013
    Age: 45-54
    Gender: female
    Quality: 5
    Value: 4
    Meets Expectations: 5
    Erin Healy's writing is a purely brilliant, exceptionally exciting and thoroughly enjoyable. After reading House of Mercy last year, I waited with anticipation for her next thrilling suspense to be published. Here in Afloat, the writer uses various components to weave a tale that includes mystery, murder, suspicion, and supernatural along with themes such as forgiveness with restoration of relationships. The characters learn through tragedy and the constant presence of danger to see themselves as they really are, leaving them to choose whether to embrace a different path or stay the same.

    Two brothers, Vance and Pete, share the loss of their father and were torn apart from each other because of unforgiveness, blame and grief. One brother, carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, seeks solace in alcohol until Zeke shares with him the truth of the only One who is able to carry such a weight. Danielle who has been widowed two years with a little boy, Simeon, believes the lie she grew up_only rely on yourself. Now, can she let go of her selfish nature to do something that would require selflessness?

    Ranier is to come and see the units that were being built to float on the water engineered by Vance. Tony, the financial backer, is selling these units at an astronomical price. However, Ranier never comes to view the unit; yet, how is it that Danielle, Tony's executive assistant, along with a few others sees him on the property while others do not? The water that is a muddy color seems to be illuminated with silver moving objects that some people can see while others can't. Simeon has faith in Ranier. The single cuff link that he gave to Simeon glows when all other power is cut off during a catastrophe. Now, those left on the cove have no outside contact, no electricity and help seems a million miles away.

    Since the one unit, number 12, is the only one habitable, the mystery that at first is hidden begins to be revealed. Through a series of bad decisions and limited paths to travel to freedom, some people are beginning to turn on others with the hope of decreasing the number of survivors. With time running out, one man's past becomes crystal clear and a last ditch effort may or may not keep his secret from public view.

    Plan to spend an afternoon lost in the pages of Afloat for there is so much more beneath the surface than what I have revealed. More characters, adventures, along with a good dose of hope will keep you turning the pages until you're through. Don't be surprised if you find yourself exclaiming to a friend that they have got to read this latest work of Erin Healy's. I eagerly anticipate her next novel and sure hope it is soon!
  2. Age: 45-54
    Gender: female
    2 Stars Out Of 5
    Hard to get "into"
    June 3, 2013
    ACS Book Finder
    Age: 45-54
    Gender: female
    Quality: 4
    Value: 4
    Meets Expectations: 1
    I must confess_I didn't read this book in its entirety. In fact, I couldn't finish this book. I found it very difficult book to follow and I actually had to read the first few pages about three times and still could not visualize what the author was trying to describe. Her story centers around apartments that have been built (or are being built) on water and they give the effect that they are floating. There is an unusual accident which causes a domino affect to unfold.

    She introduced several characters which I also could not keep straight in my mind and I feel that there were too many storylines she was trying to develop in the first 50 pages for anyone to adequately follow. I'm sad that I couldn't get through this book, because description on the back cover of the book was intriguing and I was looking forward to reading. (rev. P.Howard)

    DISCLOSURE: We received a complimentary copy in exchange for our honest review from Litfuse Publicity Group on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing and author, Erin Healy. Opinions expressed are solely those of the reviewer.
  3. Age: 18-24
    Gender: female
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    Amazing Writer
    May 30, 2013
    Age: 18-24
    Gender: female
    Quality: 5
    Value: 4
    Meets Expectations: 4
    Wow. In all seriousness, through most of this book, I had no clue what I was thinking of it. And no clue what was going to happen next. That being said, I was glued to it - hard to put down, easy to pick up. Erin is a splendid author, an excellent writer! The book was fascinating, and I recommend it especially for anyone who has enjoyed dystopian or futuristic fiction. While this book technically isn't really futuristic or dystopian, I still came away almost feeling like it was. All in all, "Afloat" was a good book with a great story and some interesting Christian elements. While it didn't make my favorites shelf, it's still one that I'd recommend.

    **Litfuse sent me a copy of this book as part of their blog tour. I wasn't required to post a positive review - I have reviewed this book in my own words and truthfully. I'm not being compensated in any way for this review.**
  4. Lafayette, Indiana
    Age: 55-65
    Gender: female
    3 Stars Out Of 5
    Not a Favorite
    May 19, 2013
    Lafayette, Indiana
    Age: 55-65
    Gender: female
    Quality: 3
    Value: 3
    Meets Expectations: 3
    This review of Afloat by Erin Healy is a hard one to write. She has been one of my top favorite writers and I have read everything she has written and loved them until now. The teaser to the book really tweaked my curiosity and requested this book.

    I don't really know where to start this review since most of my reviews are very positive and I have loved the book. The storyline centers on and interesting project of apartments floating in the cove of a river. It is to be a wonderful idea and an investors dream. A sinkhole happens and the problems begin. Rain and lots of rain flood the cove and the people who are not dead are left and cut off from everyone. How will they survive and is this the end of the world? The ones left are very divided on how to survive and get to land. There is the developer, project engineer, single mom and her son and others who all have different ideas on rescue.

    Add to the storyline-power failure, daytime darkness, explosions, murder and dark histories.

    I realize this book was to be about the supernatural possibilities and the human spirit but it left me not really ever figuring out who was who and what was what. The storyline jumped from plot to plot and I never felt the character development happened. I did like the character Zeke and how he related to Vance. Seemed like the most Christian part of the book. In the story the young son saw beautiful shining lights in the dark ocean. I felt the author never explained these and I never did understand what they were. It seemed the story had good intentions but never really "happened" and the ending just left me glad it was over.

    Thanks to Thomas Nelson for sending me this book for free just for my honest opinion.
  5. Bloomer, WI
    Age: 35-44
    Gender: female
    5 Stars Out Of 5
    Afloat is a Fantastic Suspense - not to be missed
    May 18, 2013
    Blooming with Books
    Bloomer, WI
    Age: 35-44
    Gender: female
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5

    By Erin Healy

    Afloat was a book I just couldn't put down and stayed up late just because I wanted to know what happened next. While some might find it difficult to get into this wasn't the case for me. This is definitely an attention grabbing book - it grabbed mine and wouldn't let go.

    Afloat is a story of redemption and second chances and is a contrast of hope and hopelessness and selfishness and selflessness.

    How do we see the world and the events that shape it? For one suffering is cause for cynicism but for another it is cause for hope. Afloat takes a look at just such a situation when a series of events cause a group of people to be stranded on a floating residential complex. A fluke of nature or deliberate negligence brings the construction aspect to Vance Nolan's dream to a sudden halt. As

    they attempt to leave the work site a sudden and unprecedented storm begins flooding the area. As everyone scrambles to get to safety another tragedy strikes.

    Vance urges everyone to stay in the completed complex which has been constructed to withstand the situation that they now find themselves in. But Tony Dean, the projects financial backer, is determined that everyone get out as soon as possible. As the group tries to decide whom to follow, friendships and alliances are tested when it comes to trust.

    Strange lights beneath the water may hold the key to what is happening to them, but not everyone can see the light. Deceit can blind us to the truth and this is the case in Afloat. This is a battle between truth and deceit and the choice you make will determine whether or not you live.

    After reading The House of Mercy, I was looking forward to Afloat and I was not disappointed and would recommend this title to anyone who likes books with suspense and the supernatural. Sometimes you just need to trust in what you can't see rather than what your eyes tell you.

    I was provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review by the publisher through BookSneeze.
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