Servolution: Starting a Church Revolution through Serving - Unabridged Audiobook [Download]
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Table of Contents
Foreword Preface Introduction Chapter 1 “Preacher, Your House Is On Fire” Nobody said serving would be easy. Chapter 2 Bananas, Toasters, And Plus-Size Lingerie It’s amazing what can get done when no one cares who gets the credit. Chapter 3 A Healing Place For A Hurting World Reach the world by serving One. Chapter 4 Sudden Servolution The Church needs to always be ready to respond to tragedies with God’s love. Chapter 5 Whatever It Takes The message we carry is sacred. The method we deliver it by is not. Chapter 6 “Dino, Someone From A White House Is On The Phone” There is a right way and a wrong way to handle attention. Chapter 7 ¿No Habla Español? Make multi-site, multi-cultural, multi-national, multi-lingual work for you. Chapter 8 Katrina: The Day The Harvest Floated To Us When churches work together it is our finest hour. Chapter 9 Divine Connections Build relationships and God will build your church. Chapter 10 The Original Servolution Jesus set the standard for serving. Chapter 11 “It’s Like Opening A Box Of Cracker Jacks” Make sure there’s an element of surprise in what you do as a church. Chapter 12 To Be Continued… Let God set your sights where He wants them, and you’ll never be disappointed.
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