The Seeker's Way: Cultivating the Longings of a Spiritual Life
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We are all, by our very nature, seekers. Is it any wonder that many of us speak of a spiritual restlessness, a discontent, a yearning for something that can't quite be named? This innate restlessness, this need to seek, serves to propel us in our ongoing spiritual journey to find relationship with God.

The Seeker's Way brings hope to all who are longing for deeper considerations of what it means to connect with the divine. It serves as a guide to those who want to open themselves more fully to meaning, authenticity, and wholeness. In this book, author, leadership coach, and spiritual seeker Dave Fleming explores six central longings:

  • From reliance on answers to the opening of experience
  • From activity to meaning
  • From control to compost
  • From shadow and illusion to substance and reality
  • From performance to expression and freedom
  • From segregation to community

The Seeker's Way explains the practices that will help satisfy each of these very human longings and explores what it means to take a spiritual journey. Using the individual stories of prominent contemporary figures, the book provides models of the seeker's way. Their life stories and ideas about the spiritual journey illuminate the many ways that these central longings can be addressed.

Keep this book close at hand as you take your journey, letting each longing lead you to a more authentic expression of your personal spirituality and life calling.

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