The Community of the Future
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The Latest and Best Insights on the Future of CommunitiesEverywhere"This book of essays is full of rampant idealism. Itsauthors--educators, think-tankers, corporate executives,consultants, book authors, nonprofit association executives, and aGerman politician--share a desire to better the world through theirideas and actions. Many qualify as do-gooders in the best sense ofthe phrase."--Christian Science Monitor This third volume from theacclaimed Drucker Foundation Future Series focuses on the basis ofsociety itself--the community. Featuring the examples of successfulcommunities from New York City to Hawaii, The Community of theFuture presents insights from Peter F. Drucker, Stephen R. Covey,Arun Gandhi, Elie Wiesel, James L. Barksdale, and many others.Their powerful essays explore what our communities will look liketomorrow--how we will live, work, communicate, educate ourchildren, and govern ourselves. This collection showsreaders:
* How to recognize and anticipate the trAnds that transformsociety
* The impact of new communications technology, including global andvirtual communications
* How to create organizational communities and communities in theworkplace
* How to envision and shape communities that will build values andembrace humanity
From businesses, to communities of faith, to schools, tocyberspace--the gamut of human communities is explored by theworld's foremost thinkers.
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