Islam and Liberal Citizenship: The Search for an Overlapping Consensus
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Moral Conflict, Political Liberalism, and Islamic Ethics
Part I: Justificatory Comparative Political Theory: The Search for Overlapping Consensus through ''Conjecture,''
1. Purposes: The Place of Justificatory Comparative Political Theory
2. Methods: The Ethics of Comparative Ethics
Part II: Islam and Liberal Citizenship: Patterns of Moral Disagreement and Principled Reconciliation
3. Islamic Objections to Citizenship in Non-Muslim Liberal Democracies
4. Identifying Equilibrium: An Ideal-Typical Islamic Doctrine of Citizenship
Part III: Islamic Affirmations of Liberal Citizenship
5. Residence in a Non-Muslim State
6. Loyalty to a Non-Muslim State
7. Recognition of Non-Muslims and Moral Pluralism
8. Solidarity with Non-Muslims
Conclusion: Tradition and Creativity in Grounding Moral Obligation to Non-Muslims
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