The Middle of Everywhere: Helping Refugees Enter the Amerian COmmunity
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Table of Contents
Prelude: Ellis Island

Part One: Hidden in Plain Sight
Chapter 1: Cultural Collisions on the Great Plains
Chapter 2: The Beautiful Laughing Sisters-An Arrival Story
Chapter 3: Into the Heart of the Heartland 4
Chapter 4: All that Glitters

Part two: Refugees across the Life Cycle
Chapter 5: Children of Hope, Children of Tears
Chapter 6: Teenagers-Mohammed Meets Madonna
Chapter 7: Young Adults-"Is There a Marriage Broker in Lincoln?"
Chapter 8: Family-"A Bundle of Sticks Cannot Be Broken"

Part three: The Alchemy of Healing-Turning Pain into Meaning
Chapter 9: African Stories
Chapter 10: Healing in all Times and Places
Chapter 11: Home-A Global Positioning System for Identity
Chapter 12: Building a Village of Kindness
Coda: We're All Here Now

1. Working with People for Whom English Is a New Language
2. Becoming a Cultural Broker
3. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Acknowledgments 3
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