Philosophy for Dummies
Table of Contents

PART I: What Is Philosophy, Anyway?

Chapter 1: Great Thinkers, Deep Thoughts.

Chapter 2: Philosophy as an Activity.

Chapter 3: The Love of Wisdom.

PART II: How Do We Know Anything?

Chapter 4: Belief, Truth, and Knowledge.

Chapter 5: The Challenge of Skepticism.

Chapter 6: The Amazing Reality of Basic Beliefs.

PART III: What Is the Good?

Chapter 7: What Is Good?

Chapter 8: Happiness, Excellence, and the Good Life.

Chapter 9: Ethical Rules and Moral Character.

PART IV: Are We Ever Really Free?

Chapter 10: Fate, Destiny, and You.

Chapter 11: Standard Views of Freedom.

Chapter 12: Just Do It: Human Agency in the World.

PART V: The Incredible, Invisible You.

Chapter 13: What Is a Person?

Chapter 14: The Case for Materialism.

Chapter 15: The Case for Dualism.

PART VI: What's the Deal with Death?

Chapter 16: From Dust to Dust: Fear and the Void.

Chapter 17: Philosophical Consolations on Death.

Chapter 18: Is There Life After Death?

PART VII: Is There a God?

Chapter 19: Two World Views.

Chapter 20: Theistic Visions.

Chapter 21: The Problem of Evil.

PART VIII: The Meaning of Life.

Chapter 22: What Is the Meaning of Life?

Chapter 23: Pascal's Wager: Betting Your Life.

Chapter 24: Success and Happiness in Life.

PART IX: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 25: Ten Great Philosophers.

Chapter 26: Ten Great Questions.


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