The Global Orphan Crisis: Be the Solution--Change Your World
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Table of Contents

Part I - Understanding the Global Orphan Crisis

Chapter One - The Orphan Crisis: Where Do We Start?

Chapter Two - On Becoming an Orphan: Contributing Factors

Chapter Three - Dangers Orphans Face

Chapter Four - The Orphan Crisis in Developed Countries

Chapter Five - The Orphan Crisis in Developing Countries

Chapter Six - The Orphan Crisis in the Least Developed Countries


Part II - Exploring Solutions to the Global Orphan Crisis

 Chapter Seven - Bringing God's Kingdom to Earth: God's plan for Spiritual Adoption

Chapter Eight - God's Blueprint for Orphan Care

Chapter Nine - Moving Orphaned Children Towards Permanence

Chapter Ten - Supporting the Mission of the Church: the role of the local and global church in orphan care

Chapter Eleven - Making a Difference in an Every Day Way

Chapter Twelve - Changing Your Life to Change the World

Chapter Thirteen - Stories of Hope and Healing

Chapter Fourteen - Resources

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