Expanding the Boundaries of Adult Religious Education: Strategies, Techniques, and Partnerships for the New Millennium ACE 133 Spring 2012
Table of Contents
E. Paulette Isaac

1. Adult Religious Education 5
John L. Elias
This chapter provides a historical overview of religion andreligious education. In addition, it discusses how adult religiouseducation is conducted.

2. Religious Distance Education Goes Online 13
Steven B. Frye
This chapter examines a variety of electronic distanceeducation tools used by religious organizations.

3. Faith-Based Partnerships Promoting Health 23
Michael L. Rowland, Lolita Chappel-Aiken
This chapter examines partnerships specifically betweenfaith-based organizations and health care institutions andhealth-related entities.

4. Going Green and Renewing Life: Environmental Education inFaith Communities 35
Gregory E. Hitzhusen
This chapter describes opportunities for environmentaleducation in faith communities by reviewing important developmentsthat have shaped religious interests in environmental topics and byhighlighting examples that suggest a key role for adulteducators.

5. Learning by Doing: Preparation of Bahá'íNonformal Tutors 45
Rosemary B. Closson, Sylvia B. Kaye
This chapter describes the development of a Bahá'íinternational adult education program designed so that communityservice is both process and outcome. Particular emphasis is on thepreparation of adult tutors.

6. Adult Jewish Education and Participation Among ReformJewish Women 59
Teresa L. Mareschal
Adult Jewish education has a long, storied history. Jewishsynagogues offer a variety of programs and classes to assist adultsin learning about Judaism. Jewish women are active participants inadult Jewish education. This chapter explores Reform Jewish women'sparticipation in adult Jewish education.

7. Religious Institutions as Sites of Learning for OlderAdults 71
Brian Findsen
Religious institutions are not often perceived as sites oflearning for older adults. This chapter analyzes religiousinstitutions and the institutionalized church as locations forholistic adult learning in both the spiritual and secularrealms.

8. Expanding the Boundaries of Adult Religious Education83
E. Paulette Isaac
This chapter provides a synopsis of the previous chapters andpresents challenges and opportunities for adult educators.

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