Evangelicals and Scripture: Tradition, Authority and Hermeneutics
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Table of Contents

Part One: Scripture and the Evangelical Tradition
1. Nurturing the Soul, Informing the Mind: The Genesis of the Evangelical Scripture Principle - Stanley J. Grenz
2. Inerrancy as Inheritance? Conflicting Genealogies of Biblical Authority - Thomas Buchan
3. The Being of Holy Scripture: Karl Barth in Conversation with American Evangelical Criticism - Bruce L. McCormack
4. The Pietist Theological Critique of Biblical Inerrancy - Donald W. Dayton

Part Two: Scripture and Evangelical Exegesis
5. Can I Have Your Autograph? Uses and Abuses of Textual Criticism in Formulating an Evangelical Doctrine of Scripture - John J. Brogan
6. The Sun Also Rises: Accommodation in Inscripturation and Interpretation - Kent Sparks
7. Jeremiah, the Septuagint, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Inerrancy: Just What Exactly Do We Mean by the "Original Autographs"? - J. Daniel Hays
8. How Many Isaiahs Were There and What Does It Matter? Prophetic Inspiration in Recent Evangelical Scholarship - Richard L. Schultz

Part Three: Scripture and Evangelicals in the Postmodern Context
9. "Now I Would Not Have You Ignorant": Derrida, Gadamer, Hirsch and Husserl on Authors' Intentions - Bruce Ellis Benson
10. Scripture, Tradition and Authority: Reconstructing the Evangellical Conception of Sola Scriptura - John R. Franke
11. Canonical Unity and Commensurable Language: On Divine Action and Doctrine - Daniel J. Treier
12. Scripture, Truth and Our Postmodern Context - David Alan Williams

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