Good Ideas from Questionable Christians and Outright Pagans: An Introduction to Key Thinkers and Philosophies
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Table of Contents
Introduction: What's a Nice Christian Like You Doing in a Place Like Athens?
1. Socrates I: Why Ask Why?
2. Socrates II: Are Beliefs Worth Living (and Dying) For?
3. Plato: Is a Just Society Possible?
4. Aristotle: Do You Want to be Happy?
5. Augustine: Is God Responsible for Evil?
6. Aquinas: Can Nature Lead Us to God?
7. Descartes: Can I Be Certain of Anything?
8. Kierkegaard: Are Faith and Ethics Related?
9. Marx: Does Money Determine Our Beliefs?
10. Nietzsche: Is Morality All About Power?
11. Sartre: Do You Really Want to Be Free?
Epilogue: The Examined Life
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