Doris Inc.: The Business of Caring For Your Elderly Parents
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Table of Contents
Acknowledgments vii

Introduction 1

Chapter 1: My Heart-Wrenching Caregiving Dilemma 3

Chapter 2: Creating Doris Inc. to Take Better Care of Mom andMe   19

Chapter 3: Finding Balance in My Life  39

Chapter 4: Planning for the Stages of Decline  59

Chapter 5: Financial Planning for Senior Decline  77

Chapter 6: Elder Proofi ng to Reduce Preventable Crises 111

Chapter 7: Navigating the Health-Care Maze and Advocating forMom  127

Chapter 8: Choosing the Right Type of Living Arrangements149

Chapter 9: Finding the Best Retirement Residence with Mom173

Chapter 10: Finding a Good Nursing Home for Mom 185

Chapter 11: Dealing with Dementia  205

Chapter 12: The Last Life of Doris 233

Appendix: Caregivers’ Palliative-Care Guide  249

Index 253

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