Values in Conflict: Christian Nursing in a Changing Profession
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Table of Contents
1. Personal Values - Shelly
2. A Case for Value Judgement - Miller
3. Assessing Your Values - Shelly
4. A History of Nursing Values - Shelly
5. Values in Today’s Nursing - Shelly
6. Foundations for Christian Values - Miller
7. Nursing Values & Christian Character - Miller
8. Strategy for Discipleship - Shelly
9. A Strategy for Influence - Miller & Shelly
10. Christian Nursing in a Secular Profession - Miller

Appendix A: A Dictionary of Christian Values - Shelly
Appendix B: Survey of Nursing Values
Appendix C: Code for Nurses with Interpretive Statements
Appendix D: Essentials of College and University Education for Professional Nursing Final Report

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