The End of Apologetics: Christian Witness in a Postmodern Context
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Table of Contents
Introduction: Against Apologetics
Another Disquieting Suggestion
Changing Paradigms
1. Apologetic Amnesia
A Tale of Modern Apologetics
Secular Apologetics
Apologies to Postmodernism
Apologetic Amnesia
2. Apologetics, Suspicion, and Faith
Of Geniuses and Apostles
Apologetic Nihilism
Fallibilism and Hermeneutics
3. Irony, Witness, and the Ethics of Belief
Apostles and Apologetics
The Ethics of Belief
Irony and In/Direct Witness
Irony, Edification, and Witness
Witness as Confession
4. Witness and Truth
Truth after Metaphysics
Christian Truth-Telling
5. The Politics of Witness
The Ethics of Witness
Apologetic Violence
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