The Portable Ethicist for Mental Health Professionals: A Complete Guide to Responsible Practice: With HIPPA
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Everything you need to know to protect your practice against ethical violations and complaints—including important information related to HIPAA

Now fully revised and in a second edition, The Portable Ethicist for Mental Health Professionals identifies, discusses, and suggests solutions to both the simple and complex ethical questions mental health professionals must deal with on a daily basis.

Written by attorney and mediator Thomas Hartsell Jr. and social worker and attorney Barton Bernstein, this indispensable guide arms you with the expert knowledge you need to avoid an ethical violation—or to handle the situation if a complaint is filed.

This step-by-step guide offers helpful case studies and "ethical flash points" to alert you to warning signs and help you steer clear of ethically questionable situations. The new edition is fully revised with:

  • New material on the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules integrated throughout the chapters

  • A new chapter on dealing with dangerous and problematic clients

  • A new chapter on avoiding complaints or malpractice suits by using dispute resolution alternatives such as mediation, conciliation, or arbitration

  • Coverage of key categories including confidentiality, sexual misconduct, false and misleading statements, drug and alcohol use, documentation, record keeping, closing a practice, and more

  • A listing of useful Internet addresses of the ethical codes for all the national mental health organizations and state licensing boards

Even an unintended ethical breach can lead to personal and professional disaster. The Portable Ethicist for Mental Health Professionals, Second Edition helps you protect yourself, your future, and your practice—and lets you focus on the best interests of your clients.

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