Let's Change the World
The Nuts and Bolts

Level 1: The Blitz
        1. Soft Drink Giveaway
        2. Gasoline Buy-Down
        3. Donut Giveaway During Morning Traffic
        4. Assorted Giveaways
        5. Dollar Drop or Quarter Drop
        6. Dollar Tipping of Restaurant Servers
        7. Trash Pick-Up with "Kindness in Progress" Signs
        8. Twenty-Dollar Outreach Experiment
        9. Newspaper Giveaway
        10. Coffee/ Hot Chocolate/ Cappucino Giveaway
        11. Stamp Giveaway in Front of Post Office
        12. Business Blast
        13. Grocery Bag Packing
        14. Grocery Cart Escort and Return
        15. Popsicles/ Ice Cream Giveaway
        16. Ice Cream Coupons
        17. Hand Cleaning Towelettes
        18. Vinyl Gloves at Gas Stations
        19. Windshield Washing
        20. Parking Meter Feeding
        21. Drinks at Biking Trails
        22. Pen, Pencil, and Post-It Notes Giveaway
        23. Photocopying
        24. Computer Diskettes Giveaway
        25. Drinks at Intramural or Greek Events
        26. Breakfast Toaster Pastries Giveaway
        27. Exam Answer (Scantron) Sheets Giveaway
        28. Phone Cards for Long-Distance Calls
        29. "Biggie Size" Food Orders at Fast Food Drive-Throughs
        30. Suntan Lotion Giveaway
        31. Surf Wax
        32. Mother's Day Carnation Giveaway
        33. Church Match Book Giveaway
        34. Watermelon/Pumpkin/Cantalope Giveaway
        35 Boxes to Merchants
        36. Scotch Tape Giveaway at Christmas
        37.  Flower Seed Packet Giveaway
        38. Golf Tee or Golf Ball Giveaway, or
              Golf Ball Cleaning
        39. Glow-in-the-Dark Necklace Giveaway

Level 2: Connecting to the Community
        40. Totally Free Car Wash
        41. Interior Car Cleaning and Vacuuming
        42. Oil Changes for Single Parents
        43. Car Drying at Self-Serve Car Washes
        44. Windshield Washer Fluid Fill
        45. Windshield Ice Scraping
        46. Windshield Washing at Self-Serve Gas Stations
        47. Bike Fix-Up Clinic
        48. Restroom Cleaning
        49. Umbrellas Escort
        50. Neighborhood Food Collection and Distribution
        51. Business Window Washing
        52. Polaroid Photos
        53. Shoeshines
        54. Helium Balloon and Balloon Animals
        55. Dog Washing
        56. Doggie Dirt Cleanup
        57. Dorm Move-In Help
        58. Coffee, Tea, and Lattes During Late-Night Study
        59. Soft Drinks, Gatorade, and Lemonade at Class
        60.  Pizza on Move-In Day at Dorms
        61. Christmas Gift-Wrapping
        62. Meal Purchasing at Restaurants
        63. Door-to-Door Sunday Morning Paper and Coffee
        64. Filter Change for Air Conditioners and Heaters
        65. Garage Cleaning
        66. Leaf Raking
        67. Lawn Mowing
        68. Roof Gutter Cleaning
        69. Address Number Painting on Curbs
        70. Garbage Can Return from Street
        71. Tulip Bulbs and Potted Plants
        72. Snow Removal from Walks and Drives
        73. Ice Melting for Sidewalks
        74. Window Washing
        75. Light Bulb Replacement
        76. Fireplace Ash Removal
        77. Smoke Detector Battery Replacement
        78. Library Fines Payment
        79. Winter/Summer Survival Kits
        80. Christmas Tree Giveaway or After-Christmas Tree
        81. Laundromat Washer and Dryer Payment
        82. Cocoons on Good Friday
        83. Friendly Pet Outreach to Convalescent and
              Retirement Homes
        84. "Free Prayer" Table at Fairs

Level 3: Investing in the City
        85. Matthew's Party
        86. Block Party
        87. Lamb's Lunch
        88. Parties of Appreciation for Police Officers, Fire
              Fighters, EMTs
        89. Accident Scene Cleanup
        90. Single Parent's House Repair
        91. Blood Pressure Screening
        92. Tutoring
        93. School Supplies for Needy Families
        94. Dorm Room Cleaning
        95. Shopping Assistance for Shut-Ins
        96. Apartment Move-Out Help
        97. Birthday Party Organizing
        98. Memorial Service for the Unchurched
        99. Move-In Welcome Party
        100. Pool Party with a Purpose!
        101. Birthday Cards

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