The Underside of History

 Alternative Theology

 North and South

 A Conceptual Framework

 The Question


Part I

Dealing with the Impasse in Contemporary Theology


    1. Authority and Power in Mainline Protestant North American Theology

    Liberal Theology: The Turn to the Self

    Alternatives to Liberal Theology: The Turn to the Text



    2. Authority and Power in Latin American Roman Catholic Theology

    Latin American Christendom: The Power of the Text

    Modern Theology: The Power of the Self



Part II

Approaches to the Real: The Underside of History Transforming Theology


    3. The Missing Link: Searches for the Real

    Reality and the Real

    Questioning Authority

    Beyond Romanticizing the Underside

    Reconstructing Authority and Power


    4. New Encounters in "God's Own Country"

    A First Encounter with the Other

    Lessons of the Civil Rights Struggle

    Uncovering the Truth of One's Symptom

    Reconstructing Authority



    5. Encountering the Poor in Latin America

    Approaches to the Poor

    Reshaping Theology from the Underside

    Beyond Christendom and Modernism

    Reconstructing Theological Method from the Underside



Part III

A Paradigm Shift in Theology


    6. A Theological Look at History from the Underside

    A Different View of History

    Reconstructing History



    7. Toward a New Understanding of the Other in North and South

    Distributing Power

    Relocating Authority

    Toward a "Common Tradition"


    8. Eruption or Irruption?

    Liberation Spirituality

    Central Issues in the Reconstruction of Theology



    9. Into the Twenty-First Century

    The Underside of History

    New Theologians and New Theology




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