Saint Mark: The Basic Text for Christian Spirituality

Back to Square One: God Said

Spiritual Quest

Writers and Angels: Witnesses to Transcendence

The Seminary as a Place of Spiritual Formation

Biblical Studies

The Holy Stump

Jeremiah as an Ascetical Theologian

Learning to Worship from St. John's Revelation

Apocalypse: The Medium Is the Message

Resurrection Quartet


Holy Luck

Pastoral Readings

Poetry from Patmos: St. John as Pastor, Poet, and Theologian

Masters of Imagination

Sheep in Wolfe's Clothing

Kittle among the Coffee Cups

Mastering Ceremonies

Teach Us to Care, and Not to Care

Unexpected Allies

Novelists, Pastors, and Poets

Pastors and Novels


A Conversation with Eugene Peterson

Haphazardly Intent:  An Approach to Pastoring

Subversive Spirituality

On Pentecostals, Poets, and Professors

Of Passion, Prayer, and Poetry


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