1. Preparing for Auschwitz


    2. Auschwitz, Israel, and the End of Jewish Innocence

    God and the Death Camps

    A Silence on Israel

    Accusing Images


    3. Auschwitz and Palestine In the Jewish Imagination

    Ending Auschwitz

    Palestine before Israel

    Palestine and the Jewish Future

    Next Year in Jerusalem


    4. Jews and Christians after Auschwitz

    Christians as Enemy

    A Jewish-Christian Solidarity

    The Gospel of Columbus and I. G. Farben

    The Umits of Christian Reform


    5. Auschwitz and the Brokerless Kingdom of God

    Jesus and the Jewish-Christian Establishment

    Distorting Jesus

    Hospitality and Healing


    6. State Religion and the New Discipline

    Crossing Boundaries

    Ending False Divisions

    A New Discipline


    7. A Postcard from Auschwitz




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