Illustrations vii

Table of Weights and Measures ix

Preface to the Sixth Edition xi

CHAPTER 1—Introduction 1

CHAPTER 2—The Silver Foundation 4

CHAPTER 3—The Golden Walls 12

CHAPTER 4—The Cherubim Curtain Tabernacle 24

CHAPTER 5—The Goat-Hair "Tent" (Exod. 26:14) 28

CHAPTER 6—The Two-Fold Skin Roof 32

CHAPTER 7—The Beautiful Doors 34

CHAPTER 8—Within the Cherubim Curtain Tabernacle 36

CHAPTER 9—The Court of God's House 41

CHAPTER 10—The Brazen Altar 48

CHAPTER 11—The Shining Laver 54

CHAPTER 12—The Shewbread Table 58

CHAPTER 13—The Golden Altar 62

CHAPTER 14—The Seven-Branched Golden Candlestick 67

CHAPTER 15—The Ark of the Covenant 73

CHAPTER 16—The Priests 85

CHAPTER 17—The Garments for Glory and Beauty 87

CHAPTER 18—The Levites 113

CHAPTER 19—The Sacrifices under the Law 118

CHAPTER 20—The Daily Service 129

CHAPTER 21—The Great Day of Atonement 135

CHAPTER 22—The Superiority of the Holy of Holies 144

CHAPTER 23—The Encampment and Order of March 151

CHAPTER 24—The Cloudy Pillar 164



CHAPTER 25—The Hebrew Cubit 181

CHAPTER 26—Conjectures as to the Breadth of the House 186

CHAPTER 27—The Surplusage of the Cherubim and Goat-Hair Curtains 190

CHAPTER 28—Mr. Fergusson's Sloping Roof Tabernacle 192

CHAPTER 29—The Dean of Canterbury and Professor Milligan on the Tabernacle 206

CHAPTER 30—The Peregrinations of the Golden Candlestick 211



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