Introduction: Why the need for this book

One: Love for a Long, Long Lifetime
A couple's sexual relationship changes with the ages, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Two: The Change of Life
Every woman goes through menopause, which has repercussions regarding the sexual relationship.

Three: The Male Menopause
Is there such a thing? How do men change physically in the forties and fifties?

Four: A Streetcar Named Desire
Women often lose their desire for sex in the midlife years. What can be done?

Five: A Refresher Course
Is your love life in a twenty-year-long wagon rut? If so, here are some tips.

Six: Great Sex at Any Age
Intimacy never goes out of style.

Seven: When You're Dealing with ED
It's called ED--erectile dysfunction. Here's why you're hearing so much about it, and why we're becoming a Viagra nation.

Eight: Don't Delay; Go Today
Breast cancer is a terrible modern-day scourge for midlife women. This chapter talks about how breast cancer affects the sexual relationship.

Nine: No Laughing Matter
The male counterpart to breast cancer is prostate cancer, and it's no laughing matter.

Ten: "In Sickness and in Health"
How does the sexual relationship change when one of the partners is incapacitated or suffering from a disease?

Eleven: The Temptations
The eye can wander in the midlife years, and extramarital liaisons are disastrous affairs.

Twelve: Exercise and Nutrition for a Healthy Sex Life
If you want to keep having a great sex life, you need to get in shape and eat right. Here's how to do it.

Thirteen: Questions and Answers
This chapter is a grab bag of questions answered by Tim.

Fourteen: The Critical Component
Midlife men and women need more than a great sex life; they also need Jesus.

Fifteen: A Couple with Hope
David and Sonya Moore, in their mid-forties, describe the life of a marriage.

Appendix: The "Act of Marriage After 40 Survey" Results

With comments from Tim LaHaye




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