Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult

Most people just aren't interested in hearing about Jesus (No wonder evangelism is so hard!) They are quite satisfied with their lives, quite content with their beliefs, and see no need to change. So how can we get them interested and make evangelism just slightly less difficult?  Nick Pollard has been doing this for years and has some ideas on how we can do it too. 

 This book explains why people think the way they do and offers some practical suggestions on how to reach them.  The author shows how we can break through the barrier of disinterest and help people want to know about Jesus and say he can and should make a difference in their lives. He also provides ways to answer their though questions and lead them in their first steps to faith in Christ.  Evangelism is not easy. It never will be. But Nick Pollard's thoughtful and imaginative approach, infectious enthusiasm and field-tested advice can help make it slightly less difficult.

"Things aren't what they used to be. Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult will be a vital resource for understanding and sharing the Good News with today's generation. Nick is relevant, effective and compassionate. He knows what he is writing about."

     Josh McDowell

"This book will help those seeking to communicate the gospel—it will help to clear away the ideas which so often make it hard to hear and believe."

     Leslie Newbigen

Author: Nick Pollard is an evangelist and speaker living in Great Britain.


Foreword   9

Preface   11

Introduction   13

1   It Doesn't Have to He Quite So Hard   17

Part 1:  Helping People Who Don't Seem Interested

2   What Has Gone Wrong?   31

3   What on Earth Is Positive Deconstruction?   43

4   Where Do I Start?   47

5   It's Not for Me   59

6   But They Won't Listen!   69

7   If They Believe This, They Can't Believe That   79

8   We Can Be Wrong Too   87

Part 2:  Helping People Who Want to Find Out About Jesus

9   Do I Understand It?   101

10 Can I Explain It?   109

Part 3:  Helping People with Difficult Questions

11 Giving the Reason for the Hope   121

12 If God Is So Good, Why Is the Wold So Bad?   131

13 Isn't the Bible Full of Errors?   141

14 Can You Prove It?   157

Part 4:  Helping People Who Want to Become Christians

15 Leading Someone to Faith in Christ   167

Postcript:  Maintaining Motivation   175

Notes   177


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