1.  What Is Spiritual Formation?     11
            John M. Dettoni

    2.  Spiritual Formation in the Early Church     21
            Craig A. Blaising

    3.  Salvation and Spiritual Formation     37
           Robert P. Lightner

    4.  The Puritan Model of Spiritual Formation     49
            Leland Ryken

    5.  Counterfeit Spirituality     60
            Timothy R. Phillips & Donald G. Bloesch

    6.  God Is Most Glorified in Us When We Are Most Satisfied in Him     74
            John Piper

    7.  Longing for Eden and Sinning on the Way to Heaven     86
            Larry Crabb

    8.  Spiritual Formation through the Liturgy     99
            Lynn C. Bauman

    9.  Spiritual Formation through Public Worship     111
            Kenneth O. Gangel

    10.  Living and Growing in the Christian Year     130
             D. Bruce Lockerbie

    11.  Nurturing the Spiritual Lives of Teachers     143
             Robert W. Pazmino

    12.  Principles of Church Renewal     154
             Alan Schreck

    13.  Teaching Scripture Intake     164
             Donald S. Whitney

    14.  Following the Lord's Pattern of Prayer     174
             James C. Wilhoit

    15.  Teaching People to Pray     189
             T.W. Hunt

    16.  The Imitation of Christ: Means and Ends of Spiritual Formation     199
             Robert P. Meye

    17.  Personal Healing and Spiritual Formation     213
             Leanne Payne

    18.  The Spirit Is Willing: The Body As a Tool for Spiritual Growth     225
             Dallas Willard

    19.  Spiritual Formation in Children     234
             Robert Clark

    20.  Spiritual Formation in Adolescents     247
             James Bryan Smith

    21.  Spiritual Formation in Older Adults     258
             Beth E. Brown

    22.  Spiritual Formation through Small Groups     269
             Peter V. Deison

    23.  The Family As a Context for Spiritual Formation     280
             Ronald T. Habermas

    24.  The Pietistic Tradition in Evangelical Spirituality: A Bibliographic Essay     296
             Lyle W. Dorsett

    25.  Annotated Bibliography of Resources     307
             James C. Wilhoit

    REFERENCES     315
    NAME INDEX     331
    SUBJECT INDEX     337
    SCRIPTURE INDEX     341    

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